You know that old saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes? That’s been my website and brand’s story for the last couple of years. has been in desperate need of updating. But I have been busy with client projects and a million other things.

Something always came up, this excuse or that client project. Meeting new people. Networking. Estimating. Going here, traveling there. Painting this or painting that. Doing laundry or taking our daughter to school or dance. Going hiking when the weather was too nice to deny. Staying in touch with vendors, my accountant, or my oldest and most loyal clients. You get the point.

Then I finally faced the reality that if I didn’t put my site first, my brand would be affected and it would change how my business, that I had worked so hard on, would be perceived. And not in a good way.

That’s when I knew it was absolutely time. I needed to “practice what I preach.”

Today I am launching my new site. I will be actively updating the portfolio and blog section to stay in touch and keep you updated on what I am working on. I’m excited to be more accessible than I already am and encourage you to reach out anytime you need to. I look forward to creating together and have a great week!